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Remaining Characters from previous game that may be used in future incarnation;

Cole Wilson – After spending nearly a decade upon the ship of a family friend, he returns to Waterdeep to see his sister, and becomes her protector. After the plague strikes home and nearly kills her, he turns his attention to those that creted it, honor means nothing, as long as you live to tell the tale.

Cade Lowhill – Harper agent, this Ghostwise Halfling is more than he may appear. His wolf companion at his side, and an insatiable thirst for justice, he left his homelands of the Moonsea to help the city of Waterdeep raise an army to fight back the appraching Thay.

Coran – Treasure Hunter extrordinaire, and having some demonic heritage doesn’t hurt much either. Using his wits, his spells, and stealthy nature, he can find the hardest of traps, talk through the thickest of animosity, all for a few more coins.

kiashien – The drow do not speak of their mistakes, they destroy them. As a half-drow, he was forced to keep his heritage a secret in order to survive. His power awakened, he’s now growing as a true Geomancer, truly he was no mistake in the end.

Lokdar – Raised in rough-housing, this Dwarven weapon master has learned the art of brawling, beating, and bashing. Best only by his lost brother, he now seeks to find him, and won’t stop for anyone in his way, and right now, that’s the army of Thay.

Joy Rubyshine – Quiet, peaceful, and innocent, this elven maiden has a few tricks up her sleeve, including a kung-fu monkey from the celestial planes at her beck and call! A true summoner, she calls them friend and not fodder.

Dweven – Nothing more than an old man, an old man with a cottage that seems to move through the landscapes on a whim, knows everyone and always greets them with a smile. His name has been passed down through legends dating back over a thousand years.

Captain Reginald “Reggie” Walthey – Just another town guard, another town guard with a secret. Born and raised in Arabel, he joined the Harpers as a young man, and set off to Waterdeep to become a city watchman. He is one of the few Harper resources on the Sword Coast.

Main Page

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