Eldrith Craulnober

A wandering Moon elf Bard, in the Sword Coast region.


Bard 7

Stat Score Adj.
Str 11 -
Dex 15 +2
Con 12 +1
Int 15 +2
Wis 13 +1
Cha 19 +4 21 +5

Equipment (of Note): +1 Rapier, +1 Whip, Bracers of Armor +4, Ring of Protection +2, Cloak of Charisma +2, Bag of Holding (type 1)


Eldrith was born just about twenty years after Elaith “the Serpent” Craulnober, thus as a child, he never had much time to see his older brother. Perhaps for the better.

Eldrith was only one-hundred and twenty-seven when he left his home in Evermeet, and ventured to the Sword Coast, to find his older brother and search out the legacy of their blood, the Moonblade. Upon arriving in Waterdeep, and realizing how dark his brother had become, he tried to turn away from the family, blaming the sword for twisting his brother to the darkness.

Later, after many attempts by Elaith to contact his younger brother and attempt to right the wrongs, tragedy struck the heart of Elaith’s daughter. No matter what bad blood was between them, Eldrith sat with his brother, as he selflessly gave his life to protect his daughter, drawing the very sword which had reject him. The Moonblade felt the trueness of the action and cured them both. Upon witnessing this event, Eldrith’s bond with his brother grew, though it remains a great secret for them both.

Eldrith currently travels the sword coast, undoing the damage done by his brother in his ignorance, and restoring the private honor of his family name. As close as they have become, Eldrith holds one secret from his brother Elaith, and that is the birth of Elaith’s son to the Princess Amnestria.

Eldrith Craulnober

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