Shadows of Skullport

The Hunt Begins

“Captain, are you sure that this is right? This is an awfully large amount of money to be giving for such a menial task?” The young lieutenant was walking beside Captain Reginald, of Waterdeep, eying a parchment with the seal of the council.

“It is what it is. They have their reasons, and so do I,” The chain shirt shifted once as the momentum ceased and then settled as the bearer came to a halt, “this is the place.”

Inside the tavern was one of the more colorful crowds of people they’d seen in a long time. Elves in their woodland cloaks, pirates and sailors in their billowing tunics, even those that wished not to be seen, with cloaks pulled high to shadow their features. So in other words, nothing new for a bar in the city of splendors, but the guards are not often in these places. The two men entered, drawing some attention, and a third man, another lieutenant, joined them at the doorway. A few whispers passed between the three guardsmen, and the tavern alike.

A sigil burned out on the rune before the young man. One of them was there, one of the few who may be able to help stop the unveiling. He could only hope that they were willing to hear his call when the time was right.

“I’ll join up.” “I can help.” “Sounds like a fair price.”

The few that stepped forward were a unique brand. A pair of women, both appeared to be elvish, and one of whom appeared to going to great lengths to hide her Drow skin. A Dwarven and Gnomish Warrior, a Ghostwise, four Woodland Elves, a Human Pirate, three Human Mercenaries, and a half-elvan Songstress.

The first pair immediately chose a target, and left the others to debate the remaining three, the majority of them banding together took another and marched off, leaving the remainder to do what they could with last two options.

The hunt begins…



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