Shadows of Skullport

Preparations begin...

“Sir! The City of Skullport is reporting three war bands of Drow within their limits, it’s possible they may try to attack Waterdeep.” The young new recruit was winded as he ran up to the Captain. His uniform was one of the Red Ward, the adventuring quarter of the city. The man to whom he spoke wore a formal dress uniform, green with silver trimmings on a raised black border. At the Captain’s hip hung a beautiful longword, clearly the craft of a master weapon smith.

“The City of Splendors under siege? Preposterous! We’ll add another guard on patrol routes, but there is no real need for alarm, the Lords will see to our safety.” He had barely paid any attention to the young guardsman, and returned to speaking with his lieutenants. With such powerful guardians, who needed the lowly guards?


Players will be using 3.5 D&D, and will be Gestalt characters. Starting at level 2, with a total of 2,500gp to spend on gear, magic items, etc. I have given the option to the players to allow me to pick their 2nd character class based on their individual backgrounds. (Coming from a long line of Wizards, might actually mean something!) Players will be starting the game in Waterdeep. Stats are to be from 4d6, drop the lowest AND re-roll 1s, two sets. (Generous, I know.)


Emphasis will be moved off combat to a certain degree. Combat will be streamlined and simplified for cinematic reasons, but dice will still hit the table. Skills will be treated with the “amateur” “novice” “journeyman” “artisan” “master” rules, wherein certain tasks become such second nature that you are no longer required to roll the dice. Example: The warrior who has always repaired his own armor since he first started his career, and now has a +15 Craft (Armorer) skill, no longer need roll for basic repairs and simple crafts related to armor.



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