Shadows of Skullport

Cormyr or the Dalelands


The City of Arabel, gateway to the Kingdom of Cormyr. The Purple Knight Inn has taken in a host of rare travelers, all with unique stories about meeting an old man and his beautiful wife in a cottage along the way. Only to find themselves transported, some overnight, some in the course of conversation, to this area. It would appear that some greater power is manipulating the weave of fate’s loom. And now, another group, this one of five; a mute halfling, a cautious human with draconic blood, a sturdy but bald dwarf, a half-drow windcaller, and a powerful elven summoner.

The lady turned over her palm as this group entered, and saw the coin faces to be blank. Setting them upon the table, all five lift from side to stand on edge. “More of them” she noted, and then the coins vanished. The barmaid brought another ale over to the lady by the hearth.



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