Shadows of Skullport

A Storm is Brewing

The invasons have begun!

The skies went black, and the clouds covered the sun, a harsh wind tore through the lands. Thunder rumbled in the distance, a war had begun.

In the lands to the far west, the Thayan Wizards had begun their assault upon the old world of the Mulhorandi. The Red Wizards seemed to have found a new artifact that has lent them great power and finally after two decades of war, they been able to invade the central cities. It looks like the end for the Mulhorandi, and the rise of a new devastating world power, the Thayan Enclaves.

The countries of the east began to make preparations, for they knew as soon as Thay was done with Mulhorand, they would be next. The Purple Knights of Cormyr and the people of Sembia joined forces to make the first line of defense.

The tribes of scattered humanoids, sensing the threat to their homes marched east, to seek refuge where-ever they could, scattering and finding the dark places in which no one could find them, hoping to let the powerful races stop the coming destruction.

A dark and cold wind ripped though the spires of Waterdeep that day; and a young man in at the head of a long table, a mask concealing his features, faced a group of likewise masked men. “Gentlemen,” the child spoke, though his voice filled with leadership, “a great storm is brewing, and we must act before it is too late.”



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