Shadows of Skullport

A Plague upon both Houses

Captain’s Journal,

It’s the 23rd of Leafall, and those heroes I have hired to investigate the humanoid camps will probably be returning to Waterdeep soon. I wish I could warn them. Someone took me out of power, stripped me of my command and exiled me from the city for the crimes of killing the innocent. Obviously, the allegations are false, while the few bands of humanoids that did initially come to Waterdeep were non-hostile, the remaining camps were working for, from what my bands of allies describe, Drow.

And now this, just before I “leave” I hear of a plague spreading in Skullport. I hope that the friends I’ve contacted in the Harpers can travel the distance and make it to aid these young heroes before they are overwhelmed.

Ex-Captain Reginald set down his journal. The campfire flickered across the camp. His two leiutenants that came with him, his wife, and their cart. He did not like to travel on the open road like this, but the past is the shortest route to the High Forest, and the only Harper encampment in the area. He needed to find a safe place quickly.

Captain’s Journal,

We reached the High Forest, and besides a short dealing with the elves, we have made it safely to our new Haven, Marincel. My contacts and colleagues in the mage college of Waterdeep have been keeping me apprised of the situation back home. I am glad to hear that the larger group of young heroes is still alive, and doing well. They found out that a Drow House and a Thayan Enclave were working on development of a Necromantic Transformation Plague. I don’t fully understand, but that sounds really bad. Last thing I heard was they were heading into the Underdark to try and find a cure for it.

Meanwhile, my wife and I have found a small cottage here where we are staying. My leiutenants appear to be plagued with a bit of wanderlust and have parted ways with us, heading deeper into the forest. I must admit, I’m falling love with the quiet and peace out here, I may stay here after everything happening in Waterdeep is through.

He sent down the book, and blew out the lamp light on the desk. It was good to finally rest after such a long week on the road.



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